VAT refund in Ukraine

DBA promoted Danish Investments in Ukraine in regards to return of VAT


Lars Vestberg said: "The more power, the country supports the existing investment projects, more investment will be. Ukraine should contribute to current investors for their recommendations to work in Ukraine are the best for the decision to launch new investment."


According to Lars Vestbjerg, Danish companies, members of DBA, working in the legal field and that at this level see further development of cooperation with Ukraine. They also contribute and are willing to support civil society development in Ukraine, because the care to where people live and work.

Lars Vestbjerg commented ZAXID.NET : "The most important issue for association members now - is the return of VAT. No refund of VAT we have no ability to conduct normal business, to ensure our money. A lot of companies are suffering through this. We feel that in relation Danish Business - Ukrainian State transgressing through us, because we do not get back our VAT.