The Danish State Secretary for Trade and Strategy visit Lviv

Mr. Lars Thuesen, State Secretary for Trade and Strategy of Denmark and The Danish Ambassador Mr. Michael Borg-Hansen met with DBA President Mr. Lars Vestbjerg and DBA members in Lviv.

The aim was to understand difficulties when Danish companies are operating in Ukraine and how to solve those problems.


A meeting was setup to talk about the barriere Danish Investment face doing business in Ukraine. The 5 major companies of DBA participated at the meeting discussing the main topics of business in the Western Ukraine.


There were issues to address on the following meeting at Lviv Oblast Administration, where the Vice-Governor, Vice-Tax Administration and Vice-Costum Office was present.


The Authorities are supporting DBA members in the Western part of Ukraine fully. Danish Investment plays a huge role as the biggest investor of one Nation and is an important partner to Ukraine.


Lars Thuesen