Signing memorandum in Lviv, Ukraine

On October 4 2013, The Danish Ambassador to Ukraine, Merete Juhl and the President of Danish Business Association, Lars Vestbjerg met the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Victor Shemchuk to sign the memorandum on cooperation.

During the meeting the Ambassador talked about intentions to cooperate and develop relationships, both in business and in the cultural field. Also, the Ambassador noted that she wants to establish a Consulate of the Kingdom of Denmark in Lviv, because in this region there is a great activity Danish businesses that require Danish presence.

The Governor supported the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to create Consulates and said that there must be send a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and LOSA support such a diplomatic mission in the Lviv region.

As a result of the already existing cooperation, the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Victor Shemchuk and President of Danish Business Association in Ukraine Lars Vestbjerg signed a memorandum of cooperation of promotion of foreign investment in the Lviv region and for the authorities to support Danish businesses in the region.

Under the cooperation the parties build relationships based on integrity and security partnership interests of each party, a regime of maximum promotion of mutually beneficial plans.

In order to study and improve the investment climate in the region, improving the labor market situation, the formation of human resources and to create jobs for young professionals in enterprises with participation of foreign investors in the Lviv region , organized within its competence, seminars and information events .

This memorandum also provides support for business contacts and conducts all necessary measures to ensure effective cooperation.