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    • 18.05.2020
    • We are happy to announce the new Danish Ambassador to Ukraine   We are welcoming the Mr. Ambassador to Ukraine.   Mr. Ole Egberg Mikkelsen
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Lars Løkke


Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and President of DBA Lars Vestbjerg meeting in Kiev.


"Professional Business Community"

Many Danish companies have already outsourced their production to Ukraine and the Western part of Ukraine has played a key role for Danish investors for many years because of logistic to Denmark and EU.

The mission of DBA is to help Danish investors to get fast integration into the Ukrainian business society and joining network of Danes who have experience working in Ukraine for many years. The fact is - if new established company has no network in Ukraine it can be very difficult to operate and find right way doing business. Let experience people help you find the way of safe business in Ukraine.

Why join the Danish Business Association:

  • Supporting Danish Investors and Danes on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Fast information forward and back from The Danish Embassy in Ukraine.
  • Working groups on fast solving problems
  • Partner with organizations in Denmark
  • Fast integration in the Ukrainian Business society
  • Integration for new Danes or companies in the Ukrainian society
  • Cooperation with the VISA department in Lviv (VFS) and Kiev
  • Wide feed back on discussion forms
  • Direct contacts to authorizes, useful infrastructure contacts and much more
  • News directed directly to Danish Investment in Ukraine
  • Social activities (Danish mark days, companies visit, sightseeing events)

The membership is for free and only companies or private persons with Danish background can enter the Association.

Sincerely yours,

Lars Vestbjerg
Danish Business Association
Lviv, Ukraine


Our partners

Lviv Investment Portal
Lviv State Tax Administration
Lviv Custom
West State Border Guard Service