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    • We are happy to announce the new Danish Ambassador to Ukraine   We are welcoming the Mr. Ambassador to Ukraine.   Mr. Ole Egberg Mikkelsen
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Ukraine, a place to invest...


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We would like to help you to get started in the right way when you want to establish Business in Ukraine. The Danes have been working in Ukraine since the early nineties and can be a helpful network for your company.

There are many types of businesses to establish in Ukraine. The main is now production, subcontracting, commercial, real estate, farming and land plot investment. Common for all type of business:

"Always have an advisor or consulting company together with you on the field when you start business in another country, it is cheaper for you". You can as a Danish company use the network of already existing investors by joining the Danish Business Association and get much experience here.

If your company need financial help to establish in Ukraine the are different options. Ex, the Danish Investment Fund (IFU) who can be an important partner on the Ukrainian market. If you chose the Danish Investment Fund as the financial partner you will also benefit by having an experience Investment Advisor on your Board as an observer. This person is typical with huge knowhow of Ukraine and the business environment that can help you company in many ways.

The Investment advisor does not justify that you should not have a consulting company related. It is important in a startup to have the right advisors establishing your business. Typically it is consulting companies who do things like that. The Commercial department at the Danish Embassy could also be a good partner on many issues. Please look under "Embassy" to find more information.


One important information: "When establishing a new company in Ukraine - always have an advisor connected to your company, it can save you from many problems". It means if you think you can do it by yourself, it can cost you more if mistake is done on the registration and paper flow.

To start up in Ukraine without any knowledge about society and procedures of how the country works, is a dangerous step to take. Use therefore the already existing network to start up your business.

Feel free to contact us and we will guide you to establish a safe company in Ukraine. Our advise is free of charge!

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